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Employment Type: Permanent Job Number: 31622

Job Description

Goodyear Background

TITLE LEVEL REPORTS TO Business Leader - Lawton Senior Business Center Manager

VACANT SINCE VACANIES TRAVEL REQUIRED More than 30 days 4 Travel not required

WORK REMOTELY VISA SUPPORT OFCCP/EEOC Yes, they must report in-person to Ro visa sponsorships supported Oecruiters are required to com- a speciNc location ply with FPCC/ EkkFC regula- tions when worjing on this bo. requisitionU


COUNTRY CITY STATE POSTAL CODE fnited States oA Kmerica Lawton F7 53101


D 4 year 2egree 1-5 years manuAacturing management e&perience including managing a .udget, managing x sta: ( other managersU 3 Leads a large oA people

4 Kvaila.ility 1)30am - 4)00pm with weejend rotation ;x4E5 plant operation responsi.ilityV Job Description /rimary /urpose oA the /osition) Lead (ampz direct the perAormance oA the

  • alue Stream to meet o.bectives ;saAety, quality, cost deliveryVU 2rive the implementation oA continuous improvement (ampz leanU Oesponsi.le Aor organiQational (ampz drive to high perAormance cultureU Create (ampz implement the Auture vision Aor the value streamU

/rinciple 2uties and Oesponsi.ilities) ’ SaAety) Oesponsi.le Aor driving a Qero incident culture through implementation oA saAety systemsU This should include Aollow up on near misses, accidents, unsaAe acts, etcU which will yield the required resultsU ’ Iuality) Oesponsi.le Aor product integrity including conAormance to speciNcationU Must have systems that ensure product meets legal, technical (ampz quality standardsU

kducation (ampz CertiNcations) ’ 4 year 2egree

k&perience) ’ 1-5 years manuAacturing management e&perience including managing a .udget, managing sta: (ampz other managersU

7nowledge, Sjills (ampz K.ilities) ’ ManuAacturing leadership oA a multi-discipline teamU ’ 7nowledge oA LkKR manuAacturing techniquesU ’ fnderstanding oA Nnancial inAormation related to manuAacturing operationsU ’ Must have good communications, interpersonal, pro.lem solving (ampz computer sjills including MicrosoAt soAtwareU

Interview Steps

D Kgency callEphone screen

x Oeview with company recruiter

3 /lant interviews

Company Culture & Perks CULTURE STATEMENT Goodyear is one oA the world?s largest tire companiesU Wt employs a.out 5x,000 people and manu- Aactures its products in 11 Aacilities in x3 countries around the worldU Wts two Wnnovation Centers in Kjron, Fhio and Colmar-Berg, Lu&em.ourg strive to develop state-oA-the-art products and services that set the technology and perAormance standard Aor the industryU Por more inAormation a.out Goodyear and its products, go to wwwUgoodyearUcomEcorporate U Bene ts

2ental Wnsurance H kquity

Medical Wnsurance H orj Prom ome

  • ision Wnsurance H /aid Time F: H LiAe Wnsurance H Fther H Oetirement H

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